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Blagging and learning - Web Designer Andy Clarke

Episode Summary

Andy started out in 1998, back in the early days of the web. He blagged it, he says, and he’s been blagging it ever since. “Everyone is always blagging and learning, and that's kind of how it goes." Now with more than two decades of experience behind him, Andy reflects on his freelance journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Episode Notes

In 1998 Andy gave up a comfortable position — “£35,000 a year to answer the phone about three times a week” — to start his own thing as a freelancer. It was the early days of the web and he didn’t have much of a plan, but he was keen and enthusiastic about doing better work.

Two decades later, Andy and his wife Sue, who handles the business side of things, are still going strong. He chats to Steve about putting out good content to show what you can do, maintaining a reliable income with fewer clients, and why living at work, rather than working from home, is bad for you. 


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