Being Freelance

Discovering myself again - Graphic Designer Lucas Gini

Episode Summary

Like many of us, Lucas often finds himself working too much. And despite living in the countryside in Brazil, he says it’s keeping a good balance that’s the most difficult thing about being freelance. We chat about how he manages his workload, what his plans are for the future, and how a school illustration project he took on led to having a book published and distributed to schools across Brazil.

Episode Notes

Lucas says that setting up on his own was like discovering himself again. Learning to know himself, what his goals are, and how he wants to live his life.

Right now that means trying to stay balanced in the Brazilian countryside, managing the graphic design work he does for clients alongside building his illustration portfolio.

And as for the piece of advice he’d give his younger self, it’s one we haven’t heard before: “Don’t be a bad boss to yourself,” Lucas says. That’s good advice, right? But how many of us can say we follow it?